Fraud & Corruption Benchmarking & Gap Analysis

At Warfield & Associates, we have developed a range of services that can assist your organisation reduce the likelihood of fraud and corruption occurring and when it does, identify it more readily, including Fraud and Corruption Benchmarking and Gap Analysis.

Warfield & Associates is pre-qualified under the NSW Government’s Performance and Management Services Scheme which offers a panel of service providers to assist NSW Government agencies in engaging external consultancy services. This includes amongst other services, governance reviews, fraud control reviews, corruption prevention reviews and risk assessments.

Corporate governance is in the spot light more than ever.  Organisations need to become more proactive, to protect their reputation.

The Australian Standard 8001-2008 Fraud and Corruption Control has been introduced to give organisations an opportunity to assess their fraud control environment.

The objective of the Standard is to provide a recommended approach to controlling fraud and corruption within a wide range of public and private sector entities.

The fraud and corruption benchmarking and gap analysis considers the size, diversity, geographical spread, industry sector and your risk profile.

This is the first step in gaining a better understanding of how your organisation is tracking against the Standard and understanding your fraud risk profile.

Once the gaps have been identified, we can:

  • Design and implement a fraud control plan
  • Develop a fraud response plan, aimed at minimising the adverse consequences from a fraud event
  • Provide fraud awareness training
  • Undertake targeted fraud risk assessment
  • Develop Investigation Standards and Procedures

Warfield & Associates has the experience to help benchmark your organisation’s current policies and procedures relating to fraud and corruption control against the Australian Standard