Information Technology

Below are just some examples of the work we have undertaken in the ICT sector:

  • Forensic review of contract compliance with a master services agreement between a tertiary institution and an information technology service provider
  • Investigation and provision of an external report into an external fraud on a client’s pabx system that involved the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars through unauthorised international calls
  • Investigation into collusion between three senior managers to remove intellectual property from their employer in order obtain personal benefits
  • Investigation of breach of directors’ duties involving a company who provides information technology services to the financial services sector
  • Investigation of the alleged theft of intellectual property from a service provider by an ex employee in order to start up a business in competition
  • Investigation of alleged downloading of inappropriate files and data from the internet in breach of copyright by an information technology staff member of a tertiary institution
  • Investigation of allegations of cronyism and favouring of contractors by an IT Director at an Education Institution