Below are just some examples of the work we have undertaken in the manufacturing sector:

  • Forensic review of the Indonesian operations of an international electronics company. This work identified systemic corruption of staff by suppliers, who regularly paid cash in order to facilitate business
  • Forensic review of the royalties being paid by manufacturer to a global electronics company for the use of their intellectual property
  • Fraud risk assessment of a manufacturer and distributor of food products
  • Fraud and corruption risk assessment selected functions of a manufacturer and distributor of dairy products
  • Installation of a whistleblowing line for a clothing manufacturer
  • Investigation into a culture of corruption at an overseas manufacturer involving false invoicing, kickbacks and theft of stock. The investigation involved interviewing more than 100 people
  • Investigation into alleged kickbacks from suppliers to a staff member at a regional office of a large food manufacturer
  • Investigation of false invoicing by senior finance manager involving the transfer of millions of dollars to overseas consulting companies as well as personal use of his corporate credit card
  • Investigation of issues involving a managing director obtaining secret commissions for placing orders in an overseas country
  • Investigation of a senior manager procuring from a company in which he had a financial interest, costing his employer millions of dollars
  • Investigation of allegations of bullying and harassment by a senior manager towards multiple employees
  • Presentation of fraud awareness training to middle and senior management of a clothing manufacturer
  • Presentation of fraud awareness training to staff of a regional manufacturer
  • Provision of a whistleblower hotline for contractors to raise any issues of unethical behaviour