Not For Profit

Below are just some examples of the work we have undertaken in the Non for Profit sector:

  • Investigation into issues involving client complaint against a staff member at a multi-program community agency
  • Investigation of allegations concerning inappropriate accounting practices at a charitable foundation
  • Investigation of allegations of bullying and harassment at an After Care provider
  • Investigation of misappropriation by a staff member of a service provider from personal funds of people with a specific disorder who were under their care
  • Investigation of using corporate credit cards for personal expenses by three senior managers at a charitable trust
  • Investigation of allegations of inappropriate behaviour by the manager of an aged care facility
  • Preparation of an insurance claim for recovery of funds stolen by an employee of a charitable trust
  • Presentation of fraud awareness training to staff of a community housing organisation
  • Presentation of fraud and corruption awareness training to staff of a community health services provider
  • Reviewing the fraud and corruption policies of a community housing provider
  • Undertaking a fraud and corruption risk assessment of a community housing provider