Property & Construction

Below are just some examples of the work we have undertaken in the Property and Construction sectors:

  • Forensic review of documentation supporting legal action by a construction company against a local council
  • Fraud risk assessment of the sales and delivery processes of a provider of equipment to the construction sector
  • Investigation of an alleged breach of an organisation’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy as a result of the offer of a bribe by a contractor to an employee
  • Investigation of allegations of preferential treatment of contractors and failure to adhere to procurement policy by the property maintenance staff member of a tertiary institution
  • Investigation of alleged secret commission being paid by management at a engineering and construction company in order to secure overseas contracts
  • Investigation of collusion between staff and a contractor to steal millions of dollars worth of equipment used in building projects
  • Investigation of false invoicing by a senior finance staff member of a construction company that involved international transfers and substantial collusion with third parties
  • Investigation of secret commissions paid by a property developer to two senior managers of the property division of a large listed company for favourable development consideration
  • Investigation of the collusion between companies to manipulate tenders for the construction of government funded building projects
  • Investigation of credit card fraud by a card administrator of a global construction company
  • Investigation of the diversion of revenue and the personal use of corporate credit cards by the bookkeeper of a construction company
  • Investigation of the operation of an apprenticeship scheme to determine its profitability and whether any diversion of funds had occurred
  • Investigation of allegations of a conflict of interest involving the personal property interests and the organisational interests of a staff member of a commonwealth housing authority
  • Presentation of fraud awareness training to finance staff at an australian construction company
  • Presentation of fraud awareness training to finance staff at a global construction company
  • Presentation of fraud awareness training to staff of a community housing organisation
  • Presentation to all staff of the Australian operations of a global construction and development company
  • Fraud and corruption review of a construction company’s policies and processes against the nsw government’s fraud and corruption policy and contract conditions