Code of Conduct Services

The world is complex and this complexity makes it imperative for all organisations to have guidelines for behaviour.

It is important for all your clients or customers, your staff and other stakeholders – to understand exactly what your organisation stands for and how they can expect you to conduct business.

A Code of Conduct is basically a set of standards describing the behaviour you expect of your own people. Relevant laws, regulations and internal policies do not govern all behaviour. A Code of Conduct should be an integral part of the way you work every day. The Code doesn’t change the basic nature of the business you undertake, but instead it should articulate the way you strive to conduct business.

Our services include:

Investigating Alleged Breaches of the Code of Conduct

Allegations of alleged breaches of an organisation’s Code of Conduct should be investigated.  We have significant experience investigating alleged inappropriate behavior involving the Local Government Model Code of Conduct, State and Federal Government Departments and Agencies Codes of Conduct as well as private sector organisations.

Investigations for government departments and agencies also consider their investigation guidelines and public interest disclosure guidelines and policies.

Please refer to our investigations services section and the industry sector relevant to your organisation for more information.