Conflict of Interest Services

Warfield & Associates’ Conflict of Interest Services can help promote a culture of disclosure in your organisation by enhancing your understanding conflicts of interest and the legal rules relating to them.

Conflicts of interest have been prevalent in some Australia’s biggest fraud and corruption scandals.  If they are not properly addressed through education, training and reporting, the chances of causing a negative impact of your organisation’s reputation, will develop.

We discuss situations that give rise to conflicts of interest.  We can create a conflict of interest policy with the emphasis on the need for proper disclosure.  We can assist in establishing a procedure for responding to existing conflicts and we can develop your organisational code of conduct and training in its key elements.

We have a wealth of case studies on actual conflicts of interest and their consequences.  These are used in our training to ensure the attendees are engaged.

We assist you to:

  • identify the types of conflicts that typically arise in your organisation;
  • raise with you a range of more prevalent conflicts of interest that occur in other organisations that we have dealt with;
  • develop policies, management strategies and responses;
  • develop online training content;
  • educate the organisation about the policy; and
  • communicate the policy to internal and external stakeholders.

If you would like to know how Warfield & Associates’ Conflict of Interest Services may be able to help your organisation, please contact us to discuss your needs.