Forensic Reviews

A Forensic Review can often be referred to as a Forensic Audit.

A Forensic Audit / Review examines the financial records of a business to determine if there is of any wrongdoing and if so, what evidence can be used in a court of law or legal proceedings.

Forensic Audit / Review investigations are made for several reasons, including the following:

  • Conflicts of interests
  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Financial statement fraud
  • Acts of deception such as fraud

A Forensic Auditor is required to have special training in forensic accounting, the legalities of accounting issues, interview techniques, data analysis and very importantly training in the appropriate evidence collection procedures

A Forensic Audit / Review goes into greater depth and detail than a statutory audit.

Warfield & Associates undertake Forensic Audits / Reviews on behalf of its clients.

A Forensic Audit / Review has been developed to fill the gap left by Audit firms who are primarily looking at controls.  A Forensic Audit / Review looks at how an event occurs, what has contributed to it and how to remedy the situation. It is a powerful tool in understanding exactly what is contributing to ongoing issues in an organisation.

High-level interviewing and listening skills are essential to the success of our Forensic Audits / Reviews.

The work we do is detailed.  It digs deep into an issue to help provide answers that are not readily obvious.  We will provide you with answers to the questions of Who, What, Why, How and When?

Whether it is a review of a contract, a supplier arrangement, a relationship with a joint venture partner or an internal issue, allegations of fraud or bribery and corruption, we can help you get to the bottom of an issue.