Forensic Reviews

Forensic reviews can assist to determine the efficiency, economy and effectiveness of management processes as well as the reliability and accuracy of information and operations.

A Forensic review can be a focused way to monitor the effectiveness of its management and the risks associated with often diverse activities. A Forensic review is different to an audit in that it is a detailed and focused examination of an issue or issues.

This type of approach has been developed to fill the gap left by Audit firms who are primarily looking at controls. A Forensic review looks at how an event occurs, what has contributed to it and how to remedy the situation. It is a powerful tool in understanding exactly what is contributing to ongoing issues in an organisation.

High-level interviewing and listening skills are essential to the success of our Forensic reviews.

The work we do is detailed. It digs deep into an issue to help provide answers that are not readily obvious.

Whether it is a review of a contract, a supplier arrangement, a relationship with a joint venture partner or an internal issue, we can help you get to the bottom of an issue.