Investigation Services

Qualified investigation services are important for any organisation’s quest to get to the bottom of an issue.

Does your organisation believe it may have been subject to fraud, corruption or employee misconduct ?

Does it face a possible regulatory enquiry?

If so, you need to establish the facts by conducting a thorough investigation in order to enable you to assume control of what can be a difficult situation.

Warfield & Associates has the skills and experience to help you respond quickly and effectively to these challenges.  Please refer to the Our industry experience pages to see some of our investigations experience in your industry.

Warfield & Associates is pre-qualified under the NSW Government’s Performance and Management Services Scheme, which offers a panel of service providers to assist NSW Government agencies in engaging external consultancy services.  We are qualified to provide fraud and corruption investigation, conduct and performance investigation, grievance investigation, forensic accounting and financial investigation.

The ultimate success of any fraud investigation, corruption investigation, misconduct investigation, regulatory investigation or factual investigation depends on thorough planning and careful execution. Our investigation approach helps you improve the likelihood of a successful and effective outcome.

Our investigation services help clients to establish the facts, find out what has gone wrong by interviewing witnesses and possible suspects and collecting information from your records including computer records. This will assist you in recovering stolen assets, making an insurance claim if required and taking disciplinary action or commencing legal proceedings against the parties involved.

As part of our investigation services we can:

  • Interview witnesses who may have knowledge to support the investigation and obtain statements
  • Collect, collate, secure and analyse evidence
  • Trace funds / assets / goods
  • Liaise with in-house and external counsel
  • Liaise with law enforcement and regulatory bodies
  • Organise a forensic examination of computer systems
  • Develop a strategy to continue the conduct of the investigation
  • Establish the quantum of loss
  • Provide evidence to support a claim against an organisation’s fidelity insurance policy
  • Assist in the preparation of a Statement of Claim
  • Prepare a brief of evidence to be used in legal proceedings

We work to ensure confidentiality, compliance with legal and ethical guidelines and help you in managing your reputational risk.

We have the experience to assist you with:

  • Investigations of unethical behaviour – investigating allegations of improper conduct within an organisation.
  • Fraud investigation – determining the facts of suspected fraudulent activity within or against organisations.
  • Corruption investigation.
  • Investigation of financial transactions and their impact.
  • Intellectual property investigations – investigating the theft of IP and other intangible assets.
  • Investigating breaches of ASX disclosure guidelines and Corporations Law.
  • Determining the likely sender of malicious emails and communications.

Please contact Warfield & Associates to discuss how we can help with your investigation needs.